Sadie Creek

252 Tyler St. -- Port Townsend, WA 98368 -- (360) 385-6470

Difficulty: Moderate for the short loop; Difficult and technical for the long loop.

Elevation: Short loop starts at 600' climbs to 900', drops to 200' climbs to 800' drops to 600'. Long loop starts at 600' climbs to 2700' drops to 200' climbs to 800' drops to 600'.

Location: Located in the Lyre River State Forest, drive 5 miles west of Joyce on Hwy 112 (18 miles west of Port Angeles). Turn South on logging road 3040, it has been signed as Sadie Creek Rec. Area. The parking lot is 1/10 mile up and on the right.

Description: This is an epic ride that you will not forget for a long time. The long loop is difficult, with some steep switch back riding and walking to gain the 2,700' in elevation and rocky technical descents. The views are of the Strait and local mountains.

Distance: Distance of the short loop is 11 miles. Ride up 3040 Rd 1/10 mile to PA 1200, in 1/10 of a mile will be PA 1000 which you ride up for 5 miles and take a left on an un-marked road (2nd left on the entire PA 1000). The road turns into the trail and follows the Lyre River to the Power line for 2 miles. This river bottom - beautiful and fun. Follow the powerline to the left (west) for 4 miles. It runs into PA 1200 and brings you back to the trailhead. Where's that beer!?

Distance of the long loop is 18 miles, though could be shortened a little and make easier by taking the PA 1000 Road back instead of going into the short loop lyre Creek Trail. Ride the trail at the South end of the parking lot for 1/2 mile to the Power lines, follow the Power Line Trail Westward (to the right) for 3/4 mile. Just past a creek the trail turns left (South) away from the Power Line and goes up an amazing lowland old growth forest trail for 1/4 mile. Cross the 3040 Road and continue up the unmarked logging road for 1 mile. The big switch back trail takes off to the right and climbs 1,500 ft., then follows the ridge to the East for 5 1/2 miles of rocky downhill single-track down 3/4 mile and take the unmarked road to the right. That road turns into the Lyre River Trail. Follow short loop directions from here.


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