252 Tyler St. -- Port Townsend, WA 98368 -- (360) 385-6470

Difficulty: Moderately difficult, with steeper hills the further away from town you get.

Location: Eminating from Port Townsend, it goes as far south as you would want to go. Access in from either behind Les Schwab tires, from the L.S.M. Trail or several access roads off of Hwy 20.

Description: This rarely maintained double-track trail is for official Puget Power use only. Yet it is a frequently used trail for the commuter and recreationalist. Obviously being a powerline trail, it is an open grassland narrow strip along mostly douglas fir. Three miles from town, beside one of Edensaws Mills, is a fenced private property that is easy to ride around. Do not trespass! Upon crossing Anderson Lake Road there are many logging roads that parralel or connect unridable powerline trail portions. From the bottom of Discovery Bay is a particularly aggressive section that goes over the hill to Sequim Bay.

Distance: N/A

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