Fort Worden
State Park

252 Tyler St. -- Port Townsend, WA 98368 -- (360) 385-6470

Difficulty: Easy, non-technical trails/roads with a few avoidable steep climbs

Location: Inside Port Townsend City Limits, Point Wilson

Description: These are a mixture of paved and hardpack trails that connect decommissioned military bunkers. The forested trails are fun, going through tunnels and along open field bluffs that look out over the straight of Juan de Fuca (Beautiful). If you seek out a few technical whoopies it has quite a varied terrain. A "hard-core" mountain biker could have a blast, even though a road biking tourists could get around an many of the trails. It is common to connect this ride with "Cappy's" trail behind Jefferson County Fairgrounds via North Beach and Henderson Road. Hiker interaction has not been a problem, but the potential is there. Yield to pedestrians.

Distance: N/A


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